Distributors of major Japanese companies specialized in manufacturing all types of air compressors, compressed air dryers and vacuum pumps . Distributors of the company Raboo Chinese specialized in the compilation of all types of compressor with all their capabilities and all kinds of dryers and cabinets . Distributors for all types of compressors use abroad ( used ) ATLAS COPCO – INGERSOLL RAND – KEASER – BOGE Specialized in maintenance and work of all types of screw compressors and spare parts & service kits . Maintenance of all kinds of air dryers and provide all spare parts required Distributors of Italian company Omia for the manufacture of air dryers.

Solenoid valve

Distributors for all German specialized companies ( Solonoid Valve ) Provide all kinds of internal filler for all types of filters on compressed air lines ( Solonoid Valve) Providing all kinds of industrial oils from 2000-8000 hours operation for all types of compressors.

The Pneumatic


Distributors for major Italian companies specialized in all types of cylinders, air blowers, service units, fast air connections, compressed air hoses Agent of companies specialized in the manufacture of filters and separators for all air compressors Air Filter – Oil Filter – Separator – Fal Italy – Sotras – Mannfil ter –TG filter